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Floating Seasonal Boathouse

Finally a boathouse option available to almost anyone that is living on protected waters.

• Integrated boat hoist

• Capable of storing your boat on land

• Multi-use structure with upper deck option

• No D.E.Q. permit is required


Seasonal Boathouses are floating boathouses on wheels. The typical boathouse is 21’ wide and 36’ long. It will accommodate boats up to 26’ and longer options are available. Floating Seasonal Boathouses require as little as 24” of water on the bow. The structure is secured to the lake bottom by 4 drop spuds, one at each corner. In deep water, permanent or temporary anchors may be required. Access to the boathouse can be by a seasonal or permanent dock


Seasonal boathouses must be removed annually at a boat launch and stored at a marina or other commercial site. Lakefront property owners with low gradient beaches can remove and store the structure on site. Lakefront property owners with low gradient beaches also have the option of double slip boathouses.


On the Great Lakes and connecting waters the only permit needed is the Corps of Engineers’s permit for seasonal structures. No permits are required on inland lakes from the D.E.Q. or the Corps of Engineers, but township permits may be required. If the seasonal boathouse is stored on private property, a zoning permit may be required from your township or municipality. Deep water permanent anchors may require permits from both the D.E.Q. and the Corps.